Modern research has to act on social, economic and environmental developments to provide solutions for the existing and upcoming global challenges. For this reason, LANE offers a platform for an international exchange of ideas, opinions, perspectives, results and solutions concerning photonic technologies. In order to give a detailed overview, the conference aims not only at scientific contributions, but integrates the industrial perspective and their relevance for application as well.
Due to the coronavirus crisis we cannot meet personally this year. Thus, LANE 2020 goes virtual. We are happy that iChair supports us by creating a conference platform which ensures for you the most convenience possible. Stay home, stay safe, stay connected: Virtual LANE will be more than just attending a video call and viewing a live stream! You can look forward to the following highlights that ensure a convenient exchange between science and industry.
Virtual LANE – This is what participants can expect:

  • Listen to high-class talks: Join the ‘Keynote Session’ at the first conference day
  • Watch live talks and discussions: Participate in the live sessions
  • Make your own program: Plan your conference individually with ‘My Program’
  • Ensure not to miss any presentation of interest: See the pre-recorded videos of the talks at any time
  • Discuss specific topics with other experts: Go to the relevant Channel in the Forum
  • Establish new contacts with scientists in your field of expertise: Network with our ‘Matchmaking’ tool
  • Talk to a specific person: Use the chat function
  • Meet someone by chance: Let's go on an adventure on ‘Match Roulette’
  • Network in general: Visit our ‘Bar Tables’ during the coffee and lunch breaks or whenever you want
  • Watch out for new products and services: Get in touch with the experts in the ‘Sponsor Booths’
  • Have fun and meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere: Visit our ‘Conference Warming’ with exit game, photonic game and more

Virtual LANE – This is what sponsors can expect:

  • Be represented in a modern and innovative environment
  • Expect an increase of visibility as all co-authors are welcome to participate for free
  • Get in direct contact to interested participants

Access to the virtual conference platform hosted by iChair will be possible on September 03, 2020.


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What is special about LANE 2020?

High scientific standard:

To ensure a certain quality of the contributions, a blind-review process will be carried out by the members of our International Review Committee consisting of renowned experts. Furthermore, the honourable Knights of Laser Technology, the editors and the local organization committee are taking care of the relevance of the contributions.


Streaming & virtual discussion rooms:

All presentations will be held as live talks and will also be available on a streaming platform. So, you can make your own timetable for listening to the talks. As technical discussions are crucial for scientifc conferences, we will also provide different virtual discussion rooms, where the experts can meet and talk about the presentations they have listened to.


Scientific and industrial contributions:

Progress needs the integration of the scientific as well as the industrial point of view. That's why scientific and industrial contributions are part of the conference program. All contributions will be reviewed by renowned experts, accepted papers will be published online and are freely and in perpetuity available throughout the world.


Commercial Pecha Kucha talks:
20 slides with 20 seconds presentation time, each. That is our virtual way to present latest products and services of our sponsors from industry. You can  
                              expect fresh and entertaining
                              presentations. Get directly in
                              touch with the application experts. 


Conference warming

Socializing in a special atmosphere is an essential part of LANE. Also the virtual edition of LANE will have a conference warming, that is planned                                  with interactive games in virtual rooms                                and for sure a personal, unique touch
                              - let us surprise you!

Best Presentation Award:

The author who gives the best
presentation is going to win prize money of € 1,000 and will be entitled to give a talk at the
plenary session of LANE 2022. The style of the presentation as well as the contents of the talk will be evaluated. All LANE participants are authorized to vote. Learn more about the winners of the LANE 2018 Best Presentation Award.

Sponsors of LANE 2020