Conference program

Our Keynote Speakers

Simultaneous high-speed keyhole depth and absorptance measurements in laser spot welding of dissimilar metals ”

Troy Allen

Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

“Looking at lasers: A challenging undertaking

- Progress in monitoring of laser cutting"

Prof. Joost Duflou

KU Leuven, Belgium

“Target fabrication using two-photon polymerization for applications in laser inertial-confinement fusion“

Prof. Yongfeng Lu

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

“Recent novel applications of photonic crystal fibres”


Prof. Philip Russell

Max Planck Institute for the Science  of Light, Germany

Detailed Conference Program

Please find the detailed conference program here.

Conference Days at a Glance

September 04, 2022:

Casual reception at Kofferfabrik Fürth


September 05, 2022:

Daytime conference program at Stadthalle Fürth including:

- Opening plenary session with keynote talks and WLT Award ceremony

- Parallel sessions and exhibition 

Night of the Knights: Conference banquet at Ofenwerk in Nuremberg, supported by Sill Optics

September 06, 2022:

Daytime conference program at Stadthalle Fürth including parallel sessions and exhibition 


September 07, 2022:

Daytime conference program at Stadthalle Fürth including parallel sessions and exhibition 

Evening program: Cocktail session & Lab-tour at Institute of Photonic Technologies


September 08, 2022:

Daytime conference program at Stadthalle Fürth including:

- Parallel sessions and exhibition 

- Closing plenary session with Country special: Additive Manufacturing in Sweden

- LANE 2022 Best Presentation Award

- Closing remarks