LANE Best Presentation Award

The "LANE Best Presentation Award" honors the most inspiring submission presented by the most professional speaker of the conference. The author who gives the best presentation wins a price money of € 1,000 and is allowed to give a talk at next LANE's plenary session.


The winner will be elected by the conference paticipants. The basis of voting for the best presentation should be the style of the presentation as well as the contents of the talk. Contributions of the plenary session (keynote talks) as well as Pecha Kucha talks are not eligible.


Winner of the LANE 2020 Best Presentation Award

Winners of the LANE 2018 Best Presentation Award

First place:

Antoni Artinov, Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing, Germany.

Numerical simulation of the weld pool dynamics during pulsed laser welding using adapted heat source models”. 

Third place:

Manish Sharma, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany.

Laser metal deposition of lattice structures by columnar built-up”.