HOLOEYE Photonics AG

With pioneering experience since 1999, HOLOEYE has become a highly specialized photonic expert. We have served many publicly and privately funded research projects, and still do so, and, furthermore, already implemented numerous products in industrial applications. Our range of standardized products and solutions, components, hardware, software tools, and accessories is extensive. And if the demands are beyond standard, we complete it by customizations regarding development, service, and support: driver electronics, LCoS designs, electronic designs, product developments, fabrication and replication, and software solutions.


HOLOEYE never stands still and is continuously working on new products and improvements. Our development, engineering, and technical sales teams are located in Berlin-Adlershof (Germany), one of Europe’s most performing photonics, optics, microsystems cluster.


The Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) team is providing a great variety of microdisplay-based SLMs for phase but also amplitude modulation – either mostly on reflective LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicone) or on translucent microdisplays – optimized for high resolution light modulation applications within the visible, the near-infrared, and the telecommunication waveband. The fast SLM models are capable of color field sequential (CFS) phase operation, featuring an RGB light source sync connector for use with RGB color-switchable laser sources. For convenient control and integration, our software package includes a software development kit (SDK) allowing to show images and phase arrays directly on the SLM from within many programming languages.


The Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) team comes up with a broad range of off-the-shelf costefficient standard DOEs with various patterns like dot arrays, dot-circles, circles, multi-lines, and cross patterns. They are made of standard plastic materials – like polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or polycarbonate (PC) – as well as of standard fused silica glass by etching, or are replicated, using acrylate-on-soda-lime glass substrates. For customized DOEs different materials come into use, tailored to the application.


The LCoS Microdisplays team develops state-of-the-art display solutions and focuses on customized developments, in particular on industrial applications.


Scopes of Application (exemplary)

Telecommunications: Optical switching, wavelength selective switching (WSS)

Holography / AR/VR/MR: Displays, Projection, Data storage, …

Material processing: Mask-less lithography (2D, 3D), Two-photon polymerization, ...

Microscopy: Light sheet, Super-resolution imaging, 3D, …

Holographic optical tweezers (HOT) Higher-order mode generation (e.g. doughnut modes)

Bessel beam generation

Laser beam shaping (Gauss-to-top hat)

Laser pulse shaping (spatial, temporal) 


HOLOEYE Photonics AG


Volmerstrasse 1

12489 Berlin



Phone: +49 (0) 30 4036 9380

Fax: +49 (0) 30 4036 938 99

E-mail: contact@holoeye.com

Website: www.holoeye.com 

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