asphericon GmbH

As an independent and recognized specialist, asphericon is among the technological leaders in the field of asphere manufacture. The basis for manufacture is a specially developed and patented technology to control CNC grinding and polishing machines. Using this globally unique equipment, small runs right through to large series can be manufactured with high precision. asphericon assists its customers from the initial optic design, via manufacturing and coating, full-surface interferometric measuring and documentation, through to the assembly of optical modules and their optical characterization.


Products & Services:

* Aspheric Optics (Lenses, Axicons, Mirrors, Cylinders)

* Aspheric Systems

* Beam Expander

* Beam Shaping Systems

* Fizeau Lenses

* Services (Optical Design, Optical Coating, Measurement, Characterization, Assembly)




asphericon GmbH
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