Special: Laser Technology in Lithuania

In 2016 the „Country Special“ became a very popular part of LANE. Different perspectives from scientific and industrial research were examined during this special session. After shining the spotlight on Finland in 2016 and Spain in 2018, in 2020 we are looking forward to learning more about the laser technology community of Lithuania. Find more information on the participating companies and institutes from Lithuania by clicking on their names on top of this page and get an impression about what you can expect in this years' Country Special.

We are very happy to announce following speakers from Lithuania:

Juozas Dudutis (FTMC - Center for Physical Sciences and Technology):

"Laser-fabricated axicons for glass dicing applications"


Titas Gertus (Light Conversion):

"High pulse energy femtosecond laser with tunable GHz and MHz burst (BiBurst) for material processing"

Linas Jonušauskas (Femtika / Vilnius University Laser Research Center):

"Hybrid additive-subtractive 3D manufacturing using femtosecond lasers"


Aldas Juronis (Ekspla):

"Unconventional material processing samples performed with Atlantic industrial picosecond laser"


Gediminas Račiukaitis (FTMC – Center for Physical Sciences and Technology):

"Laser technology development in Lithuania"

Andrius Žemaitis (FTMC – Center for Physical Sciences and Technology):

"Efficient ablation by ultra-short pulse lasers"


The LANE organizers would like to thank Dr. Gediminas Račiukaitis for his support in realizing this special session.