TOPAG Lasertechnik GmbH

TOPAG Lasertechnik from Darmstadt (Germany) has been founded in 1993 and is established as major supplier for ultra-short-pulsed lasers (USP) for industry and science. Beside lasers TOPAG develops and offers beam shaping optics with focus on laser micromachining. At the LANE´18 conference we present

  • Femtosecond-lasers from LIGHT CONVERSION. It includes the models PHAROS- and CARBIDE with (5-40) Watt output power, featuring variable repetition rate (1kHz-1MHz), variable pulse length 250fs -15 ps and high pulse energies (> 400 µJ), as well as motorized switchable harmonic generators with 515nm, 343nm, 257nm and 216nm output.


  • Picosecond- and Femtosecond-lasers from EKSPLA with power range from 5 Watt (air cooled) till 80 Watt (1064nm, ps) incl. 532nm and 355nm output. The Atlantic-355nm model offers 30 Watt in UV with >8000 hours harmonics lifetime. The FemtoLux is a new microjoule class femtosecond fiber laser with 3 Watt output power and 300fs …5ps variable pulse length. 


  • Beam shaping optics:  It includes the patented FBS® beam shapers (Fundamental Beammode Shaping) for diffraction limited focus spots with top-hat or donut profiles and the GTH- (Gauß-to-Top-Hat) beam shapers based on refractive free-form optics as well as the DBS-diffractive beam splitters, suitable for laser material processing applications.


TOPAG Lasertechnik GmbH
Dr. Erwin Jäger (for contact at LANE '18)
Nieder-Ramstädter-Str. 247

64285 Darmstadt



Phone: +49 6151 425978