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The Company

Pulsar Photonics GmbH develops and produces system and machine technology for micromaterial processing with USP lasers. The structuring, drilling and functionalizing systems are characterized by a significant increase in efficiency, flexibility and reliability, making the technology economically attractive to a broad market.

One of the core competences of Pulsar Photonics is the integration of tool and measuring systems for material processing by short and ultrashort pulse lasers - adapted to your requirements and needs. In addition to system development, Pulsar Photonics is a competent partner for the production of single parts and series with (ultra-) short pulse lasers. Main processes are structuring, drilling and precision cutting.

The Pulsar Photonics team consists of experts with many years of project experience in the areas of laser process and system development. As an internationally oriented company, Pulsar Photonics is part of a powerful network of laser, component and equipment manufacturers and laser users from different sectors.


Machine manufacturing Machine technology for laser micro-machining with ultrashort pulse lasers

Pulsar Photonics specializes in application development and machine manufacturing for laser micromachining, in particular with short and ultrashort pulse lasers. The RDX series offers a compact machine with high flexibility in terms of machine design and software functionalities that can be optimally tailored to the needs of different applications

Our offer in the field of laser machines:

  • RDX500 - The lean concept for professional laser processing
  • RDX1000 - Laser machine for demanding laser micro processing
  • Micar C554.1 - the individual laser machine for professional micromachining

Contract manufacturing & application development

Pulsar Photonics GmbH is your competent partner and service provider for precision machining in the micrometer range. Our many years of experience in dealing with ultrashort pulse lasers and our close network of research and cooperation partners enables us to solve complex questions of laser material processing and surface functionalization for almost every material.


The spectrum of manufacturing processes and services includes:

  • Laser micro drilling
  • Micro structuring
  • Surface functionalization
  • Feasibility studies
  • Pre-series and series production
  • Component qualification



Pulsar Photonics GmbH
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Ansprechpartner: Dr. Stephan Eifel
Phone: +49 2407 55555-0
Website: www.pulsar-photonics.de