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Laser beam stabilisation

MRC Systems GmbH, based in Heidelberg, Germany, offers very accurate systems for the pointing stabilisation of laser beams against motion, thermal drift, vibrations, and other sources of beam fluctuations. The systems can be easily integrated into almost any laser setup. They are used with all kinds of lasers including ultrafast lasers in research and production.


The laser beam stabilisation systems combine a real-time closed-loop controller with high-resolution position detectors and fast and accurate Piezo-driven mirror actuators. The systems are very user-friendly and do not need any user interactions. They are very compact and robust and enable a reliable performance in 24/7 applications.

The systems allow a beam pointing accuracy of better than 1 µm not only in short-term operation, but – due to measures against thermal effects – also for long periods of time. The standard systems work with mirror sizes of 0.5 to 2 inch, but we also support setups with 3 or 4 inch mirrors.


Specific features of our beam stabilisation systems are:

  • Highest precision: No latencies and no digitizing steps due to the analogue real-time core.
  • Ease-of-use: No time consuming parameter settings and no computer required.
  • No adverse effects: No beam splitters required since the detectors can use the leakage behind your mirrors. You can use your preferred mirrors with our Piezo actuators.
  • Turn-key-operation: Easy to integrate into existing set-ups by just exchanging the mirror mounts.
  • Optional interfaces (analogue, USB, RS-232) and communication and visualisation software.


These and more features make them an integral part of various applications like

  • automatic laser adjustment
  • laser beam alignment in moving or thermally affected setups
  • precise material processing
  • probe-beam experiments
  • beam coupling into fibres
  • delay lines, moving stages
  • and many more

MRC is in the market since 20 years. It is our pleasure to assist our international users with innovative products, wide experience, and specific solutions for individual challenges.


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