Light Conversion

Light Conversion is the world-leading manufacturer for wavelength tunable femtosecond OPA systems with worldwide recognized TOPAS series products. Light Conversion also designs and manufactures industrial femtosecond lasers PHAROS and CARBIDE, harmonics generators, parametric amplifiers ORPHEUS and ultrafast spectrometers HARPIA. All together the portfolio forms a best-in-class set of devices for femtosecond applications in industry, medicine and fundamental research.

PHAROS is a femtosecond laser over 10 years successfully operating in 24/7 industry, combining millijoule pulse energies and high average powers. A decade of constant development makes it the most flexible laser in the market. PHAROS meets demanding requirement of both industrial and scientific clients.

PHAROS tunable parameters include: pulse duration (190 fs – 10 ps), repetition rate (single pulse to 1 MHz), pulse energy (up to 2 mJ) and average power (up to 20 W). Its deliverable power is sufficient for most of material processing applications at high machining speeds.

CARBIDE is an industrial femtosecond laser combining 40 W output power and 400 ?J pulse energies.  It features: tunable base repetition rate 60–1000 kHz, a builtin pulse picker, pulse duration 290 fs – 10 ps. CARBIDE introduces a novel approach to the cavity design supporting fast laser warmup time. An intracavity pulse picker allows reduction of cost and lower power consumption. A highly integrated LD driver and control electronics along with an embedded computer control provide lower electromagnetic noise emission. Other improvements provide a few times higher average output power to wall plug-in efficiency, which also reduces cooling requirements.

CARBIDE lasers feature a number of options for various applications: certified safety shutter, beam conditioning unit, automated attenuator, harmonics generators and an additional pulse picker for enhanced contrast.


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