Leister Group

Leister AG is a Swiss group of companies that maintains a presence throughout the world. Its headquarters are situated in the canton of Obwalden in central Switzerland. With a focus on technology the Group is growing at a steady rate worldwide. Its export share amounts to 98%.


As the holding company, Leister AG is at the head of the Leister Group structure. The Leister Group includes Leister Technologies AG, which has subsidiaries on three continents as well as approximately 130 Sales and Service Centers in over 100 countries, plus Axetris AG and its employees in Leister's foreign companies.


Leister Technologies AG

Leister Technologies AG focuses on devices for Plastic Welding, Industrial Heating and Laser Systems.


Plastic Welding Products

For nearly 70 years, LEISTER has been the global market leader when it comes to devices for welding thermoplastic polymers in construction, commercial, and industrial environments. LEISTER and WELDY are brands of Leister Technologies AG and belong to this business unit.


Industrial Heating & Laser Systems

Since 1967, LEISTER has been the global market leader for hot-air modules and blowers, as well as hot-air blowers for industrial process heat applications. At the start of 2018, LEISTER acquired Krelus AG, thus expanding its product portfolio to include powerful infrared systems. LEISTER has provided laser plastic welding systems since 1998 and is also a technological leader when it comes to laser plastic welding processes. LEISTER, NOVOLAS and KRELUS are brands of Leister Technologies AG and belong to this business unit.


Axetris AG

Axetris AG started out developing and producing micro-technical components in 1998, and distributes its products across the world. Its product range consists of gas sensor modules and systems as well as micro-optical components, and it is a leading light in certain types of applications.







Leister Technologies AG

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