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Highest Quality made by laservision


laservision, as one of the leading manufacturers of laser safety products, secures and further develops this position through innovative products and services, based on the requirements of its customers. Protecting eyes from artificial optical radiation is our core mission “We protect your eyes”.


Since 1987, the name laservision has been synonymous with first class quality of laser safety products customers can rely on. The highest quality standards apply to laservision products are monitored with state-of-the-art testing and measurement equipment. ISO-certified processes guarantee the reliability, precision and durability of laservision products at any times. The extensive portfolio of laservision includes laser safety eyewear with glass and plastic filters for almost all laser applications within the industrial, medical and R&D sectors. Furthermore, laser safety cabinet windows, barriers, curtains and movable walls are offered customer-specific and individual.


Manufacturing competence throughout the entire process allows us to guarantee high-quality and reliable products, as well as advisory measures and personal service. We operate according to our three core brand values “quality, innovation and customer orientation” to ensure that we meet the highest standards of safety and reliability at all times.


We understand the precise needs of our customers and this knowledge forms the basis and focus of our work. Comprehensive expertise, longstanding experience and a motivated team are the perfect combination to ensure the continued advancement of exceptional innovation at laservision. With a high level of technical knowledge, new ideas and a passionate dedication laservision continuously meets the safety challenge of rapid advancement in laser technology.


From individual product development to qualified advisory services, protection of health is the core focus at laservision, in line with the uvex group’s brand mission: protecting people






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