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Laserline is one of the pioneers in diode laser technology, and played a significant role in achieving a breakthrough with this laser type. Founded in 1997, the company grew within only a few years to becoming an international leading developer and manufacturer of diode lasers for industrial applications. As of today, about 4,500 Laserline diode lasers have been delivered worldwide. Laserline currently employs 320 people and has international subsidiaries on the American continent (USA, Brazil) and in Asia (Japan, China, South Korea) as well as sales partners in Europe (France, Italy, Great Britain) and in the Asia-Pacific region (India, Taiwan, Australia).

Typical application areas are classical forms of metal processing, as in welding, brazing, hardening or softening, as well as cladding. Furthermore, Laserline diode lasers have been established for plastic welding and in newer production processes like additive manufacturing or welding of fiber composites. Users can be found mainly in the automotive industry, engineering, as well as tool and mold-making. In aerospace and heavy industry, Laserline diode lasers are also in use.

The power range of Laserline diode lasers reaches well into the multi-kilowatt area. As today’s standard, lasers with up to 25 kW power are available; in test runs, 60 kW has already been realized. The exceptionally high wall-plug efficiency of almost 50 percent is groundbreaking. For applications with high demands for focusability, diode lasers with a beam converter have been developed that offer beam qualities from 8 to 4 mm·mrad. Laserline diode lasers are both durable and low-maintenance, and are characterized by a compact and mobile design. This is possible because of the innovative Laserline diode cooling technique which makes flexible application scenarios possible. Furthermore, Laserline offers diode lasers as 19-inch rack-mount and customized laser designs.




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