Ekspla is innovative manufacturer of solid state and fiber lasers, systems and laser electronics from unique custom system for basic research to small OEM series. In-house R&D team and more than 25 years’ experience enable to tailor products for specific applications and/or according to specific requirements. Together with it’s representative in Germany Topag Lasertechnik GmbH, at the Lane 2018 conference Ekspla will present:

Atlantic series industrial picosecond lasers: Atlantic IR, Atlantic VIS and Atlantic UV series.

Dedicated for heavy-duty real industry applications, Atlantic UV models feature third harmonics – up to 355 nm output wavelength, and cover versions from 1W up to 30 W output power.

Atlantic IR model lasers feature fundamental 1064 nm output wavelength and features models from 5 W air cooled up to 80 W high power version.

Atlantic VIS models feature second harmonics 532 nm output wavelength and cover versions up to 40 W output.


FemtoLux 3 is industrial femtosecond fiber laser which delivers up to 3W of average power at 1-5 MHz repetition rate and 2µJ femtosecond pulse energy.

Featuring 300 fs … 5 ps tunable pulse duration FemtoLux 3 is a flexible platform, which allows the optimization of output parameters to match the application. Repetition rate as well as output power can be changed easily with an integrated pulse picker. FemtoLux 3 can generate bursts of pulses with energy above 10 ?J with burst shape controlled in real time via analog input.

Applications of the laser are in marking and structuring, micromachining, photo polymerization and pumping of femtosecond OPO/OPAs.

LightWire series fiber lasers are dedicated for seeding solid state amplifiers. Compact, cost efficient FPS series models deliver sub-10 ps pulses at 1064 nm wavelength with the average output power up to 200 mW and pulse energy up to 50 nJ.



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