LANE Best Presentation Award

The "LANE Best Presentation Award" honors the most inspiring submission presented by the most professional speaker of the conference. The author who gives the best presentation wins a price money of € 1,000 and is allowed to give a talk at next LANE's plenary session.


The winner will be elected by the conference paticipants. The basis of voting for the best presentation should
be the style of the presentation as well as the contents of the talk. Contributions of the plenary and closing plenary session as well as invited talks are not eligible


More information on the LANE 2018 Best Presentation Award will be available in the run-up of the conference.

Winners of the LANE 2016 Best Presentation Award

First place:

The winner of the LANE 2016 Best Presentation Award was Raya Mertens from KU Leuven (Belgium) for her talk on “Influence of powder bed preheating on microstructure and mechanical properties of H13 tool steel SLM parts”. On the right you can see Raya Mertens (left) and Prof. Michael Schmidt (right) during the award ceremony at the closing plenary session of LANE 2016. The whole LANE team would like to congratulate Raya on winning the prize. We are looking forward to hearing her talk at LANE 2018's plenary session.


Second place:
Benjamin Bernard from Spectra-Physics Austria was ranked second for his talk on “Time resolved study of femtosecond laser induced micro-modifications inside transparent brittle materials”. He won a Materials Horizons talk prize, which was sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry. We also would like to compliment Benjamin on this prize. The pictures on the right were taken during the the LANE 2016 closing plenary session, too. They show Prof. Michael Schmidt (right) handing over the prize to Benjamin Bernard (left).

Third place:

Prof. Andreas Otto (TU Wien, Austria) and Daniel Weller (Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge (IFSW) – University of Stuttgart, Germany) shared the third place Congratulations on that from the LANE organizers! Both received the same number of votes and a Materials Horizons talk prize from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Their talks were on “Numerical and experimental investigations of humping phenomena in laser micro welding” (Prof. Andreas Otto) and on “Temperature controlled laser joining of aluminum to galvanized steel“ (Daniel Weller).